Which highly rated wine app will help keep track of my favorite and not-so-favorite wines?

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You're in luck! There are lots of highly rated wine apps to choose from - even for the Android. But which one is best for you? We're going to explore some of the best wine apps to help you choose the perfect app for you.

If you're super busy and just want the app to tell you what you'd probably like and how to get it, then Vivino is the app for you. Through Vivino you can browse wines, or search by any number of filters. You can then add wines to your wishlist. When you pop into the store you can pull up your wishlist and easily remember what you had already picked out. Your previous searches are also saved, making the app quick to use. The best part of the app is the label recognition - you can scan the wine label and the information for the wine pops up and you can give it your own rating! Genius!

For the wine enthusiast who likes to visit wineries, then Sipscore just might be the app for you. Through Sipscore you can browse wineries by location from an alphabetized list, see their ratings of wine and winery, and pull up the winery's information, including a list of wines it produces. However, the information is incomplete because users upload winery ratings and information - think the Wikipedia of wine apps. The great thing about this app is that you can also rate beer, dining, and camping all in one app! This wine app will definitely get better with time.

Another highly rated app is Delectable. The great thing about this app is that you can easily filter your search results by price. You can also bookmark your search results, so you can pick and choose which searches you'd like to keep. The search function also scans other people's notes, so if you want to see a review of wines sold at Trader Joe's, search using Trader Joe's! I was also able to use this wine app to do some food pairing by searching by food type, more or less. This app is set up to easily read other people's reviews, which might point you towards another vintage or another vineyard. They also publish events in the app, which is great for serious oenophiles.

Of all the wine apps I downloaded and tried, I find Vivino has the most information. They have filters for any category you can think of - red/white/sparkling, price, rating, regional style, food pairing, grape, country and vintage. The home page has gorgeous pictures magazine style that make me want to try more varieties of wine. The database is extensive; the Chardonnay I rated from a small winery in Carmel was in the database, even though it's not available commercially. If you are too busy to even run to the local shop, you can get your favorite vintage shipped straight to you!

I hope finding the perfect highly rated wine app is a little easier for you now. Each app has its own unique features, so don't be afraid to try a few!

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